Christine Howard, LICSW, OSW-C, is Elliot Regional Cancer Center’s Oncology Resource Coordinator and is a NH Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration Board Member, co-chair of the Treatment and Survivorship Work Group, and member of the Palliation Work Group.

As the Oncology Resource Coordinator, she coordinates all of the support groups and services at the Cancer Center and provides support and resource referrals to cancer patients and their loved ones. 

The Elliot offers many support groups and services that address the needs of cancer patients and their families as well as the growing population of cancer survivors. Some of the monthly support groups and events are targeted toward special groups such as survivors of certain diagnoses including lung, colon, and brain cancer. 

There is a yearly educational symposium for breast cancer survivors and regular support and educational meetings for “previvors” (individuals who are genetically predisposed to a cancer diagnosis). The Cancer Center hosts skin and prostate cancer screenings and events focused on prevention.  Patients also have palliative care specialists available and can take advantage of integrative therapies such as yoga, reiki, and massage.

Through her work at the Elliot Regional Cancer Center, Christine became involved with NH CCC as an active member of the Palliation Work Group. This group focuses on increasing the number of hospitals that provide palliative care for cancer survivors, improving access to information about palliative care for cancer survivors, and increasing the number of New Hampshire cancer care settings that have adopted evidence-based assessment and system management.

In addition, Christine is Co-Chair of the Treatment and Survivorship Work Group that focuses on access to clinical trials and patient navigation programs, cancer follow-up care plans, survivorship resource directories, and advance care directives. 

“Through my work at NH CCC, I have learned a tremendous amount about policy, how it affects our patients, and how to be a part of forming policies for the future,” she said.

Elliot Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the State.  In addition to inpatient care, the hospital provides a wide range of diagnostic services including PET, MRI and CAT scans. The Elliot is home to a comprehensive Breast Center that offers free breast and cervical cancer screenings to women who qualify through the “Let No Woman Be Overlooked” program. 

The Elliot Regional Cancer Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons, provides state-of-the art radiation treatment and includes a comprehensive cancer registry program.

For more information about the Elliot Regional Cancer Center, call (603) 669-5300 or visit